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President - Joel Krause, Forest Service, Montana
President Elect –Dale Gunter, Arkansas Game and Fish Commisssion, Arkansas
Secretary – Holly Bentz, Forest Service, Oregon
Treasurer – Howard Thomas, Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri
At-Large Member – Eric Brooker, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Kentucky; and Natalie Little, Forest Service, Utah
Past President – Breagan Eicher, Lawson-Fisher Associates P.C., Indiana; Keith Parker, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife, Kentucky; and David Bumann, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Wyoming



Mission Statement

We are the Association of Conservation Engineers, an international organization founded March 6, 1961in Washington, D.C.

As conservation engineers and technicians we are part of the team working to conserve and improve our natural heritage.

Our objective in organizing was to bring together engineers and allied personnel employed by conservation and recreation agencies and consultants who have a community of specialized interests in the area of fish, wildlife, parks, forests and related conservation - recreation fields.

We are proud of our founders who were pioneers in the field with sound solutions to many of the problems of our environment and the ecology before these problems became the widely admitted and popular concern of today.

Our members freely share their experience and information pertaining to conservation engineering to make our natural resources more accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

Contrary to popular belief about engineers, the conservation engineer doesn't subscribe to the concept of the world as "a perfect sphere covered with concrete".


2015 Committee Members


Executive Committee
Joel Krause, MT - President
Dale Gunter, AR - President-Elect
Holly Bentz, OR - Secretary
Howard Thomas, MO - Treasurer
Breagan Eicher, IN - Past President
Keith Parker, KY - Past President
David Bumann, WY - Past President
Eric Brooker, KY - At-Large Member
Natalie Little, UT - At-Large Member

Bylaws Committee
Greg Mihalevich, MO – Chair
John Hagman, WI - Chair
Gerald Dorscheid, WI
Norval Olson, CO

Awards Committee
Erick Booker, KY – Chair
Hans Nielsen, CO
Sara Lau, ID
Alice Anderson, TX

History Committee
Tom Hohman, IN– Chair
Ed Donahue, WA
Gerald Dorscheid, WI
Sara Lau, ID
Dominick Mangardi, WI



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Publications/Newsletter Committee
Lynda Cliburn, IL– Editor - Chair
Gary Wilken, IL
Dale Brockamp, IL
Terra McParland, IL

Operations Manual
David Bumann, WY – Chair
Kathy Dillmon, WY
Breagan Eicher, IN
Norval Olson, CO

Time and Place
Alex Gavrisheff, MT – Chair
Dale Gunter, AR
Joel Krause, MT

Spouse Advisory
Jean Olson, Co – Chair
Abby Eicher, IN


Membership Committee
Terry Boyd, AL – Chair
Randy Knott, GA
Nattalie Little, UT
Veronica Mitchell, CO

Program Committee
Dale Gunter, AR - Chair
Ed Donahue, WA
Holly Bentz, OR
Dale Brockamp, IL

Past Presidents Committee
Breagan Eicher, IN – Chair
John Hagman, WI
Keith Parker, KY

Scholarship Committee
Champak Patel, IN – Chair
David Bumann, WY
Terra McParland, IL

Special Communications/Social Media:
Holly Bentz, OR - Chair
Norval Olson, CO
Natalie Little, UT