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Carl V. Anderson Conservation Project Engineering Awards:

Award of Excellence - USDA Forest Service - Chugach National Forest, "Placer River Trail Bridge"
Award of Merit - Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, "Forks Creek Hatchery Modernization"
Award of Honor - Kentucky Department of FIsh and WIldlife Resources, "Salt Lick Creek Stream Restoraction"

2014 Eugene Baker Award: NA

2014 Presidents Award: NA



It is not mandatory that an award be conferred each year. Conversely, the Awards Committee may recommend and nominate more than one individual or project for an award. Closing dates for nominations of the below awards are generally June 1st of the given year. Nominations are accepted from ACE members only and can be given to any member of the Awards Committee. Nominees are recognized and awards are distributed at the annual meeting or conference.

Carl V. Anderson Conservation Project Award

Awarded annually, the Carl V. Anderson Conservation Project Awards recognize ACE members for outstanding projects in conservation engineering.

The purpose of this design awards competition is to give recognition to those members and/or their agencies whose work, as judged by their peers and associates, best exhibits the goals and objectives of the Association of Conservation Engineers.

Any governmental or non-government agency or owner, or its selected consultant, engaged in the fields of recreation, wildlife preservation, tourism, and/or conservation and restoration of the natural and historical environment, who is a member of or has made application for membership in the ACE, is eligible for participation in this awards program. 2017 Award Application

Eugene Baker Award

The Eugene Baker Award is an honor bestowed upon an individual and it is not necessarily presented every year. When an award is made, it is to an individual on the basis of his outstanding conservation engineering contribution. Since ACE's founding in 1961, there have only been 25 recipients of the award.

James "Jim" Schalk Memorial Scholarship

The James (Jim) Schalk Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually by ACE to promote the continued study and learning required for the conservation of our natural and renewable resources. 2017 James Schalk Memorial Scholarship Application


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