39th Annual ACE Conference. Held October 2000 in Ashland, Nebraska at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park.


Business Meeting

ACE's 39th Annual Conference was held in October at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park near Ashland, Nebraska. Our host, Dwight Hanson of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and his capable crew put on a well planned and well executed meeting. The park accommodations included a choice of tent or trailer camping, a room at the lodge, or staying at one of the many cabins scattered through the park. The combination of the striking setting of this scenic park perched on the banks of the Platte River and the beautiful Fall weather made it tempting to hike the trails or play a little golf but most of us waited until after the technical sessions each day before pursuing the many distractions the park and surrounding area offered.

This year the technical presentations were grouped into categories. This was done so that those who could not attend the entire conference could come for a day and be able to hear multiple papers pertaining to their area of interest. The technical papers covereda broad range of subjects from topics such as park development, lake design and renovation, trail systems, river restoration, shooting range design, surveying methods, aquatic species rearing facility design, to Indiana DNR's presentation on the rehabilitation of a refrigerated toboggan slide. Talkabout variety!

In addition to the technical presentations,the members and guests were treated to a buffalo cookout, we saw buffalo and other native North American wildlife on the hoof at Wild Safari, and had opportunities to tour other local sites such as historic Fort Atkinson, the Strategic Air Command Museum, and world-class Henry Doorly Zoo.

A listing of conference presentations is not available.

Unless otherwise noted, all presentations have been converted to pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format.

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Presidents Message
David Kempf, MO

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Thirty-Ninth Annual Meeting Minutes

Conference Welcome
David Kempf, MO

Welcome to Nebraska
Roger Kuhn, NE Game and Parks

Welcome from NE Game and Parks Commission
Jim Sheffield, Facilities Engineering Manager

Historic Forts of Nebraska
Roye Lindsey, Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park

The Ruins of Old Panama: Preliminary Engineering Evaluation for the Preservation of a Spanish Colonial Historic Site
Randy Knott, Georgia

Starved Rock Trail System
Bob Smith, Illinois

Aquatic Habitat Stamp Program
Randy Winter, Nebraska

Lake Rehabilitation: Wagon Train and Olive Creek Lakes
Deb Ohlinger & Matt Lindburg, Nebraska

Applications for Bathymetric Surveys using GPS and Sonar
Matt Lindburg, Nebraska

Rehabilitation of a Refrigerated Toboggan Slide
Tom Hohman, Indiana

Colorado’s Native Aquatic Species Restoration Facility
Norval Olson, Colorado and Mark Hassebrock, Washington

Solar Powered Screen Protects Fish in Yellowstone National Park
Jim Strong, California

The following papers were presented but were not available for printing:
            (contact the authors for further information)

Historical Forts of Nebraska
Roye Lindsey, Nebraska

Environmental Concerns of the Lower Platte River
Gregory Fedderman, Nebraska

Nebraska Environmental Trust
Mary Harding, Nebraska

Wetlands of Nebraska
Ted LaGrange, Nebraska

Nebraska Trails System
Larry Voecks, Nebraska

Modification for Lake Ilo Dam, North Dakota
Keith Furguson, Colorado

Park Development in Nebraska
Roger Kuhn, Nebraska

Lake McConaughy Water Interpretive Center
Jim Carney, Neil Janssen, Nebraska

Wildlife and Water on the Platte River
Paul Currier, Nebraska

Tallulah Gorge State Park- Planning, Design and Construction
David Freedman, Georgia

Prototypical Shooting Ranges for Indiana DNR
Dean M. Illingworth, Kyle Miller, Indiana

Shooting Ranges, a National Prospective
R. Richard Patterson, Nebraska

Integrating NPS Facilities Design and Operations with Nature
Ted Hillmer, Colorado

Fish and Wildlife Aquatic Exhibit- Indiana State Fair
Craig Bair, Indiana

River Restoration
Robert Prager, Missouri


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Platte River Sunrise
Annual Conference Banquet