49th Annual ACE Conference. Held October 24-28, 2010 in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. Agenda (pdf)


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Welcome & Conference Overview
Randy Knott, ACE President

Legacy Issues for the State of Tennessee
Paul Sloan, Executive Director, TN DEC

The Engineering Role in Chattanooga's Renaissance
Jim Frierson, Vice Chair, Chattanooga Green Committee

Revitalization and Sustainability
Gene Hyde, City Forester, Chattanooga

Use of USGS Regression Equations to Predict AOP Flows in Steep Mountain Streams
TD Monore

Synthesis of Scientific Info: Coweeta Hydrologic Lab
Dr. Jim Vose

Rock Road Refurbishing with the IronWolf Crusher
Bo Vandergriff, IronWolf

Setting the Stage for Natural Shoreline Healing
Hank Sutton

Remembering the Trail of Tears map 1, map 1
Bob Richards, State of Tennessee

Fort Armistead & Trail of Tears
Quintin Bass, USDA FS

Engineering Materials and Geology of the Ocoee River Gorge
Dr. Don Byerly

US Hwy 64/Ocoee River Gorge: Historic Uses and Economic Impacts
Doug Byerley, USDA FS

Conservation Approach to Coal Conversion Product Handling
N. Schmitt & B. Cole, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting

Restoration of the American Chestnut on Mined Land in Tennessee
Barry Thacker

Just Get the Lead Out
Norval Olsen

An Engineer's Introduction to China
Randy Knott, MACTEC Engineering & Consulting


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