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The Association of Conservation Engineers (ACE) Executive Board is excited to announce that our new online membership portal is active and ready to be used.  Please visit the following website to review and update your membership contact information and to make your 2017 dues payment.   ACE has invested in this online membership portal to make dues payment and the updating of membership contact information more convenient, easier to maintain and to improve the accuracy of our records.  We think that this change will also help to facilitate improved communication with our membership.  During the transition phase, we are going to make a concerted effort to make contact with all members.

Association membership is comparatively small, principally because the engineering staffs in so many conservation-recreation agencies are small. We are working toward the goal of having at least one member from every state. We currently have more than 300 members, with sixty-five percent representing recreation-conservation agencies. For more information on becoming a member, please contact us..

We have three grades of membership by application:

Two other memberships are conferred by action of the active members:

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